Simply Sunday

Simply Sunday

To say it was a Sunday like any other would be inadequate. Yes, the day started with Paul rousting the children and inviting them to the dining room for whatever Little Debbie confection he had procured for their breakfast. Yes, there were various difficulties to be smoothed out regarding health and wellness check-ins with mom. Nobody misplaced any shoes, which made today a stand-out. Otherwise, we got ready in time, I managed to get 20 minutes of charge onto my camera batteries before packing it up and heading out the door, and nobody fought in the van on the way to church. Yes, a good start to the day was made.

The only really odd development for the day was when we arrived and sent the kids inside to grab our usual short-pew, the one at the front of the back on the left side, with room on the center aisle for my wheelchair. They found that a very nice ladywas already seated there, and, flummoxed, they went to the back of the church and stood around waiting for us to roll in and figure out an alternate pew. I saw the situation as we rolled up the center aisle from the front, and quickly scanning, chose the spot on the right side at the back of the front. Now, normally, I find a change like this extremely disconcerting – but today I was absolutely delighted. I felt so much better – *safer* – in the new spot, I am pretty sure I’m going to try to get that spot from now on!

After mass we did our usual stop at QT for a drink before the long drive over to Grandma’s, where Natalie and Alyssa had spent the weekend. It was a relaxed family time, enjoying Garfield’s favorite dinner along with Grandma’s special tossed salad with strawberries and blueberries, and homemade sugar cookies for dessert.

Here are a few pics of the kids and flowers du jour, a bouquet Mark brought for Grandma yesterday when he and Geneva dropped by, and some by Natalie that she took outside of Alyssa and Grandma’s blooming bushes – especially the Lantanas and Bird of Paradise.


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