Ruben Rides!

Ruben Rides!

Yesterday, Ruben wanted daddy to take his training wheels off so he could learn to ride his bike without them. Upon examination, however, Paul discovered that when Ruben tried to pedal, his knees were up to his chest. This bike was too small!

So off they went with the old bike in the back of Tom-Truck to visit our friendly neighborhood Bike Guy, whose name also happens to be Ruben! Ruben the Bike Guy gives the St. Vincent de Paul folks good deals when they are buying bikes for underprivileged kids. They were able to pick out a brand new (to us) bike, and also give him Ruben’s old bike so he could fix it up and make a couple of bucks on it.

Then they went to the park, and Ruben rode around on the empty basketball court until he figured it out and voila! We have a new bike rider in the family! Now he is going on bike rides with any and everyone who will come along with him. This is a good thing. I am glad.

Pics that Paul went out and took yesterday:


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