A Peculiar Pickle

A Peculiar Pickle

One of the fun things about having a bi-cultural family is learning about new flavors you never knew about before. It’s not just the spicy side of life that has improved over here — there’s a whole world of sour to be explored as well! One of the avenues for that exploration comes in the form of a conveniently packaged kit that you can find at 7-Eleven (if they haven’t run out). The Chamoy Pickle Kit, in which, for the low-low price of $9.99, come all the varied ingredients required to create this astounding delicacy. Now, while I knew about eating pickles with Chamoy, I never dreamed how much further things had gone. Trust Ellie to educate me. She was so obsessed with getting one of these pickle kits, that she promised me a photo session if only I would buy it for her. Do my kids know right where my button is or what?

So here is the photo shoot of how to put together the epic Chamoy Pickle. It was a whole load of fun to watch her do this, right through to her facial reaction at the end!

Enjoy – and let me know if you ever try this yourself what you think of it!


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