And Then She Was Twelve

And Then She Was Twelve

Last week we had ANOTHER celebration – this month’s birthday girl, Alyssa, who has now traveled round the sun 12 times. Alyssa is a conundrum… not quite as complex as Winston Churchill’s description of Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” – but nonetheless she keeps us guessing. She is whip smart and a straight A student; and although she generally presents as shy and introverted, underneath she is quirky, sly, sharp-tongued, and sarcastic as the day is long. Conversely, when the notion takes her, she can be a sweet and loving big sister who enjoys playing outside with her little siblings, going for bike rides, playing with any kind of ball, and helping them when they need it. She is altogether fascinating and our lives are incredibly enriched by her presence. Now, if only she would be more cooperative about photos… 🙂

Sunday birthday at Grandmas…


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