Easter Sunday, 2024

Easter Sunday, 2024

I had been looking forward to Easter morning all week!! We were going to the Basilica!! Laurent had given me a hint of what was in store musically, and I couldn’t wait to revel in the glory of Christ’s resurrection, accompanied by some of the best musicians in town.

I was up an hour before the rest of the family, and had time to dress and do both hair and makeup, pack up my camera and the food we would be bringing to Grandma’s for the after party – everything was perfect. Except one thing. It was raining – and I mean RAIN-ing – not just a sprinkle, real pouring-down rain. That meant that when it was time to leave, a half-hour before our usual leaving time, the kids and I had to get ourselves and everything out to the van with no umbrella. I have an umbrella mind you, a great big black and white striped golf-size umbrella. SOMEwhere. Not handy enough to grab it on the way out the door in a rush though.

So off we drove, dripping wet, yet filled with Easter joy, heading for downtown. Paul had left early in the truck – he had plans for later in the day that required we drive separately. So we met up in the diocesan parking garage, and proceeded up the elevator and out into the even harder pouring rain, to cross the plaza between the garage and the Basilica, and then up-up-up-the ramp we go to reach the side entrance, all the way chuckling to myself that this was *Asperges Me for real! (Of course, the sprinkling rite during Easter uses the **Vidi Aquam instead, but all I could think of as the water rolled down my face was “sprinkle me!”)

Anyway, it was good that we arrived 40 minutes early… if we had arrived 15 minutes early, we would not have gotten a pew. Before mass began, as we listened to the orchestra and choir doing last minute run-throughs, I snapped a few photos from my vantage point near the back, against the wall by the confessional. Such a pretty church. I wondered if I might be able to get a proper photo from the center looking toward the altar afterward, but of course there were families lined up to get their Easter pics up there so I had to be satisfied with the ones I took from where I sat.

If you have time to listen, I’ve included the live streamed video of the mass. I can’t tell you how greatly blessed I was to be there. So thankful!

After the mass we rolled back across the plaza in the pouring rain and loaded up. Then Paul went to pick up Ana while I took the kids and headed over to east Mesa to Grandma’s house. Dropped the kids and food off, then two miles over to pick up Jacob and back. We enjoyed a relaxing time of noshing on veggies and chips while we waited for Laurent to finish her 11:30 mass – she figured she would make it by 1:30 and was not far off. I took pics of the family on Grandma’s couch to commemorate the day, and a few more before Efrain commandeered the camera. Every time he does, I remember – hey, he’s pretty good at this! I love seeing what he sees through the lens.

Just before we were getting ready to leave, Paul’s cousin Sandy and husband Tim stopped by and we had the most delightful chat with them. So good to see family from up north!

Here are Efrain’s pics

After the cousins left, Paul took Jacob in the truck and went over to Peter’s house to load up his things. His adventure living away from the family home has come to an end for the moment, as his employment was ultimately shortlived – or rather, they simply could not provide enough hours to support his living on his own. Thankfully he is not bummed about moving back home, and I’m glad to have him back. He’s always a big help around the house, doing chores in lieu of rent. So it’s a win for everyone.

It was a full and very blessed Easter day for our family. Thanks be to God.

He is Risen! He is risen indeed – Alleluia!

*Asperges me

Click below to listen:

**Vidi aquam

Click below to listen:


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