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I'm a homeschooling mom of four (two of whom have graduated) & wife to a very smart mathematician; I dabble in photography, blog a bit, paint in bright colors, and love being Catholic!

The Rest of Our 4th Weekend

Much of Thursday was spent running around doing errands in St. Johns. We had a little shopping to do, including buying shoes for Xavier. He somehow managed to not tell me until after we arrived […]

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July 4th at the Ranch

Ahh, 4th of July at the ranch! This was our first 4th with 6 new Heidmanns, and we had a blast. No, not literally. We didn’t even have any sparklers, or things that go pop. […]

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June, come and gone!

And that’s the first month of summer done, without so much as a please or thank you! We didn’t do anything too remarkable – no big ranch trips or sight seeing. We tried to hit […]

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A May to Remember, Part III: Nine Hundred Eighty-Four Days

The last of the gigantic, life-altering events in our May to Remember occurred on May 24th. It was the culmination of Nine Hundred Eighty-Four days: the time spanned between “placement” and “permanency” for our six […]

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A May to Remember, Part II: Grandpa Fred

By far, the most challenging, painful, yet love-drenched moments of this month were those spent keeping vigil as Paul’s father and our beloved Grandpa, Fred Heidmann, journeyed to his final home with his Lord and […]

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A May to Remember, Part I

What a month it has been! Since my last update, several life-altering family events have filled our every waking moment. I know it will not be possible to do them all justice, but I want […]

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“I will always, always, fight for you.”

We gathered the kids in the living room after everyone got home from school. I had told them there was something really awesome to celebrate, but I wanted to wait until Dad got home so […]

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Birthdays Galore

March is a month overflowing with birthdays to celebrate. Paul, Grandpa, Elyany and Jon all have March birthdays, and while we always have a big March Birthday bash at the Grands, we also had to […]

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