Walking and Rolling in the Wetlands

Walking and Rolling in the Wetlands

Last week was a fairly quiet time around our house, even with the kids home for Spring Break. Paul left on Wednesday for his trip up north with Lyss and Ruben, and the ones who were home were either resting due to a virus in the house, or resting due to just being teenagers.

However, when he came back a day early, I was eager to take advantage of Saturday and the opportunity to get out into the world a little bit. It’s been so rainy here, but the forecast included a minimal chance of precipitation, so I made a plan. Laurent had visited Tres Rios Wetlands with Rupert earlier in the week, and it looked so beautiful – and she said the hiking path was a service road, so, very wide, flat and well maintained. It seemed worth a try with my wheelchair.

Thus it was that I gathered up my cameras and, with Paul, Laurent, Rupert, and the three youngest kids, we set off on our adventure.

We drove all the way south almost to the Estrella Mountains and found the entrance to the wetlands, with a *tiny* little parking lot. I was surprised to see that the tiny lot was packed with cars – there was ONE space for the van, so I grabbed that. Unfortunately, there was a barrier gate across the entrance, but I was able to get out of my chair and duck underneath it, and Paul just rolled the chair under and voila – ready to roll!

The kids and Rupert were nearly out of sight before long, but Paul and I took our time, stopping whenever I saw something I wanted to look at more closely. Occasionally I couldn’t reach a plant or get down by the water, so Paul took one or the other of my cameras a few times. Before I knew what had happened, both cameras were set to manual, and while I don’t shoot that way normally, he’d gotten them both into a really good setting, so I didn’t change anything. For not being the photographer of the family, he’s pretty good at it!

My husband sure did get a workout on that trail, pushing me in my chair. I was surprised at how well it worked considering all the rain we have had, but they did a good job making that road. Still, he got a workout. I love him so much, you can’t even begin to know.

I had two cameras along for the day. This first group of pics are from my Canon EOS 6D Mark II, with an adapted EF mount Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 Art DG OS HSM lens – so these are more wide angle and landscape oriented.

This second group was taken with the Canon EOS R6, equipped with the (adapted) EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. I learned some things about my camera as I shot macros in manual mode, and I’m pretty psyched!

Finally, here are some phone pics Laurent shared with me – love the shots of the kids having a cattail fight!

As you can see, it was an absolutely GLORIOUS day to enjoy the abundant greenery brought out by recent rainfall. The cumulus clouds created a magnificent skyscape, and offered intermittent protection from the sunshine that all too soon will prevent such excursions for this Norse-blooded woman. So thankful for the fun time, the beauty, and fresh air. God is good!


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