A Graduation Photo Shoot

A Graduation Photo Shoot

On Saturday, I had the honor of taking graduation photos for my goddaughter, Layla. It’s a little outside my comfort zone, taking on the responsibility of recording such a momentous rite of passage, but I am happy for the opportunity to stretch my wings a little. The place she chose for the shoot is a popular park here in Glendale, Saguaro Ranch Park. It’s a working farm, with a large farmhouse, several picturesque outbuildings, a citrus grove, vineyard, and rose garden. And if you come at the right time of day, you can see chickens, peacocks, and bunnies galore as well.

I should have anticipated what we found when we arrived – the place was PACKED! There were wedding parties, graduates, and large groups all competing for space.

It was a tricky business trying to get a photo without multiple people photo-bombing, and several locations we had to give up on completely as they were in constant demand. But I managed to work with the situation and I think we ended up with some lovely shots. Oh, and as a bonus, she brought her best friend and her little sister who is promoting to 9th grade (I think?) and I could not have had three more photogenic subjects with whom to work.

And I cannot fail to mention Paul, my invaluable right-hand-man, my support system, cheering section, my “second shooter” – who also carries my bag and pushes me around on gravel paths in my wheelchair, and gets the shots I can’t reach. He has faith in me even when I question my abilities – or fear that my disability is too limiting. He loves me well. We are the best team.

Here are the highlights!


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