Many years ago, our family chose to attend a very poor, inner city Church. That decision changed our lives forever. We were among very poor people, with many problems. We saw the effects of drug use, abuse, bad home situations, and many poor choices. We learned so much from those we walked beside in those days, and they were so often at our home, that it was almost as if we adopted them.

As with so many small, nondenominational churches, the doors eventually closed. We never lost contact, though, with those with whom we shared so much. Eventually, one of the girls from our old church asked us to take her little boy, who had been removed by DCS (Department of Child Safety). We agreed, of course, thinking that DCS would never agree. They agreed. Not only did we end up adopting little Efrain, but that got us started on the grand adventure of being foster parents.

So the what began with us informally hosting little kids with big problems in our home turned into us doing this on a full time basis. We do our best to love them all, and make their unfortunate lives a bit better. This website is about them, and us, all that we share, and all that we learn.

Somewhere along the way, my wife picked up photography. We have lots of pictures, and those are on display here as well.

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