Where do I even begin…

If you would know me, then know this: I do my very best to live as a disciple of Christ. I very often do not succeed, I very often have motives and intentions that are contrary to this calling, but this is, nonetheless, my goal and purpose. I was raised Lutheran, and while in college was mostly Baptist. For much of my married life I was reformed, and now, at long last, I am Catholic. It has been a very long, and very difficult road, but my faith has never been more vibrant or more real (real here in the sense used in the “The Great Divorce”, by C.S. Lewis). You can read about my decision to become Catholic here.

Through it all, for reasons not known to me, I have always had a very clear calling to carry Christ’s love to troubled youth and their parents. In college, this meant going into the county juvenile detention center, a short term adolescent psych ward, and a big brother relationship. Later in life, my family specifically choose an inner city church, and now, I am a Vincentian and a foster Dad.

When I married my lovely wife Annette, neither of us intended to become foster parents, but that is exactly what happened. In addition to our four biological children, we have one adopted child, and six foster children. Our home is a very wild and crazy place indeed, but we love it, and we love our kids. All of them.

A few years ago, I attended Kino Catechetical Institute, and now that I have graduated (and am a certified catechist in the Diocese of Phoenix), I am teaching the parent formation class at our parish.

Much less importantly, I am a software engineer by trade, focused on C++. My current employer is Zxerex. My professional activities are outlined over on my professional website, which is here. I am a graduate of North Dakota State University (NDSU), with a BS in Electrical Engineering, a BS in Mathematics, and an MS in Mathematics.

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