Christmas Here, Christmas There

Christmas Here, Christmas There

Despite a certain level of unwellness amongst the lot of us, we managed to gather a few for our traditional family Christmas Eve celebration on Saturday. Ana was able to join us, and Geneva made it, but Laurent (actually Vic, as she is going by her middle name now) decided to be cautious and hibernate until after she finished all her singing between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and Megan was of course with the Groft side of the family.

Beginning the day with way too much sugar in the stockings, we proceeded to a little lesson by Paul, which was absolutely fantastic and I wish you all could have been here. Then it was straight to opening gifts – and much merriment was made, as everyone got something they loved, and the kids were especially thrilled by Jacob and Uncle Jeff going in together on a huge Lego Table and several big sets of lego bricks.

The rest of the family then got all dressed up and went to Christmas Eve Mass, and I was just happy I got to have a photo of them in their finery before they left. I, unfortunately, had to stay home and nurse my cold/flu/whatever it is.

Sunday morning, Christmas Day, we had a bit of a lie-in before everyone trundled off to celebrate at Grandma’s house with the cousins. I was extremely bummed that I couldn’t go along, but I did send my camera for them to snap some memories for me. Paul had charge of it for the first while, and then handed it off to Jacob, who was more interested in nooks and crannies and chairs than people, but he did get a few nice photos of kids too. I loved the shared-cake pic as they celebrated Jacob’s (Dec. 27th) and Vic’s (Jan.1st) birthdays! And Ruben with his Skellington was priceless.

I am slowly getting better, but this has been the most profound case of laryngitis I have ever experienced. I cannot say that I am bearing it with the most patience. But it appears that I will continue to have the opportunity to learn in that respect, as my voice shows no signs of improving. Thank you Lord for giving me what I need!

Annette Heidmann

I homeschooled four kids all the way through high school and then fostered/adopted 7 more children. I am wife to a very smart mathematician; I dabble in photography, write and sing, paint in bright colors, and love being Catholic!

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