A Multiplicity of Celebrations

A Multiplicity of Celebrations

This past weekend was busy in some unusual ways.  For Paul it was, perhaps, busiest of all, as he had to take a flying trip up to the ranch after work on Thursday for a Friday morning meeting of the Carrizo Ranch Association.  Apparently it was a good, cordial and productive meeting, with little of the drama that sometimes raises its head when people have grievances and complaints.  There was also an election in which my husband was surprised to be elected vice president of the association.  He had originally planned to stick around at the ranch to drive the ranch roads with the association president and look at some trouble spots, leaving late and getting home very late, but there was a thunder storm rolling in and he might have been stranded had he stayed, so he was able to make it home before 8 Friday night.  Meanwhile, back in town, there was a piano lesson on Friday morning. After that it was quiet other than doing some cleaning and preparing for Saturday.

Saturday Paul and I attended the first of six 5-hour Saturday classes to get our foster care license.  We’ve been discerning that the Lord may be calling our family to an ongoing foster care ministry, and decided to go ahead and get the training and license.  We chose an expedited class schedule, so we’ll be cramming 11 weeks of material into six weeks.  It will probably feel like being blasted with a fire hose of information, but the up-sides are a) getting it finished quickly, and b) the ability to do the class on Saturdays instead of a weekday that would conflict with current ministries at Church and SVdP.  We are going through Catholic Charities, and our teachers are very knowledgeable, plus the other class members are interesting; so, while it will be a lot of information in a short space of time, at least it wont be boring!

Our class got finished early, which was very nice since we had a long drive back home from Gilbert, and we were scheduled to attend the Ss. Simon and Jude Vigil mass at 4:30.  We have not done so before, mostly because we are locked into the 9am Sunday mass with four of us singing in the choir, as well as the three girls singing the 5pm Sunday mass every week.  But this was  momentous occasion, for we were going to witness the baptism of James Thomas Jezek!  Megan took photos of the event, and afterward there was a lovely potluck reception over in Smith Hall.  I believe this was the first Catholic baptismal liturgy I’ve witnessed (apart from Easter Vigil) and it was profoundly beautiful, and such a privilege to be present.


Having attended the vigil mass, and since summer choir is optional, I decided to stay home Sunday morning.  The girls still went to sing, and Paul picked up some of our Gonzales kiddos as well.  They came back for the usual after-church pizza from Little Caesars – but this week there was a twist.  A little bird told us that Carmello was having a birthday this week, and we just couldn’t let that pass without a little celebration!! So after pizza, we brought out the cake and candles and ice cream and sang a Happy Birthday song for Carmello’s 8th birthday, to finish our time together on a sweet note.

Paul had yet another party to attend Sunday afternoon.  When he took the kids back to their house, he pulled the trailer and brought tables and chairs to help them seat family members and friends who were coming to attend Joanna’s 18th birthday party.  Nana cooked for the party as only a Mexican grandma can cook, and there were boatloads of incredible, spicy Mexican delicacies.  They were so kind as to send a plate home for me, and I am telling you… Even after living in AZ for 17 years, my spice-o-meter reflects my Scandinavian heritage.  That food was some of the best I’ve ever had, but I could only handle about 2 bites of each item — spaced out with cooling drafts of water between each bite! 😀

Lots of blessings, all weekend long. Here are some pics from our little party for ‘Mello…




Annette Heidmann

I homeschooled four kids all the way through high school and then fostered/adopted 7 more children. I am wife to a very smart mathematician; I dabble in photography, write and sing, paint in bright colors, and love being Catholic!

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  1. A great weekend, indeed! I loved the baptism…I cried! And Jeff said, “That’s the ‘Oma’ coming out!”

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