New posts by Paul, and archived posts from his previous blog, Ghetto Catholic.

A Meager Reality

What it is Like to be Poor in America Today in America, there are several societal forces that work to keep the poor fairly hidden from the rest of us.…

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The Greatest of These

In today’s technological society, it is easy to forget how much we depend on pictures (examples, illustrations, symbols) to show us the way. In a world filled with smart phones,…

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Hidden Are The Poor

America has become a nation filled with such wickedness, that often, good-hearted men despair. Yet, there are many that would like to help the poor, but do not know how.…

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No More Jesus Loves You

The Problem There are endless studies and analysis discussing the results of a poor home life on academics, potential earning capacity, and psychological health. This post instead focuses on the…

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Sunday Story

A True Story I have often been blessed to be able to bring lots of kids (other than my biological ones) to Church with me. A while back, I brought…

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Bubble Gum Stories

I often have many kids with me in Church, at various catechetical and sacramental levels. Some Sundays ago, some of those kids managed to get some bubble gum snuck into…

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