Recovering, A New Addition, and Many Portraits

It’s been a busy spring – lots going on, despite my being incapacitated with illness for over 6 months. I finally did discover I was hit with both Valley Fever and Pneumonia, and subsequent medications have mostly alleviated the worst symptoms. At this point, the beginning of June, I am on the road to recovery, but it’s a slow road. I’ve lost a lot of stamina, especially in my lungs, so I get tired easily. It’s so hard to be patient while I’m coming back to full strength, but I hardly have any choice in the matter. I’m trying to do a little more each day and exercise my positivity muscles along with all the others!

Without a doubt, this is the biggest news of our year:

Meet grandchild number one, his first portrait at 10 weeks (aren’t these 4D ultrasounds amazing?!). Yes, you caught that “his” — we just found out! Megan is expecting Patrick James to make his official appearance around the end of October. We are all so in love with this sweetheart already!

And let me take a moment to say, the overwhelming support with which Megan has been surrounded by both family and friends from all sides has confirmed all my best hopes for the pro life community. And indeed, it is exactly what I have observed on a regular basis with unplanned pregnancies: Love. Support. Grace. And eagerness to help in any way. We are thankful, humbled, and blessed.

Finishing the school year well, our five Maryvale Matadors deserved an end of year celebration, which coincided beautifully with our one-year Adopt-aversary! We took off for the ranch after work on Thursday and had an absolutely fantastic long weekend. Megan drove up Saturday and joined us for a romp in the White Mountains at Wenima Wildlife Area.

Due to my stage of recovery, I wasn’t able to do as much photography as I usually do, but the kids passed my camera around amongst themselves and got some stellar pics of one another. The weekend was largely commemorated in portraits (with a few floral and landscape shots thrown in by me for good measure). I did enjoy the post processing on all my lovelies, but honestly, they are going to be catching up with me if I give them many more opportunities with the camera!

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