Meeting Ellie

Sunday afternoon, after years and years of Grandma’s tales about her best friend Ellie, we finally had a chance to meet in the flesh! Ellie and her daughter, Karin (who happens to also have been a Concordia College buddy to my brother, Doug) came down to AZ for a week-long visit – so naturally we spent Sunday at Grandma’s. A lifelong friendship is such a treasure and gift, and I’m so grateful to God that He has given them to each other!!

It was also only the second time in two months that my health has allowed me the privilege of actually attending church and being out with the family on a Sunday, so I was especially conscious of the many blessings of the day.

Among those were a very slow walk to the greenway, where I watched my youngest four cavort about on the grass, waving sticks, rolling barefoot down the gently sloping green, and hugging the giant willows.

Alyssa took a few pics, and captured me in two that I absolutely loved. I’m so thankful I took the sound advice someone gave me to get over myself and allow my family take pics of me and include myself in our family albums. Watching how much joy it gives my children to see me with them in photos has changed my worldview for the better.

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