Jacob The Invincible!

I struggled in choosing the right word for the title of this post. Jacob is a wordsmith and one wants to get it right with him, but he’s also exceedingly loquacious and likely a distant relative of the Thesaurus…

… so I am prone to just include all the possibilities:

  • impassable
  • impregnable
  • indomitable
  • invulnerable
  • irresistible
  • unassailable
  • unbeatable
  • untouchable
  • insuperable
  • inviolable
  • powerful
  • strong
  • unattackable
  • unconquerable
  • undefeatable
  • unsurmountable
  • unyielding

and finally, and most appropriately considering his hobby as an analyst of all things super-hero:

  • bulletproof

As we enter 2019, my oldest son turns 19, and I look back on a year filled with drama and excitement. This was the year when Jacob had a grand mal seizure, fell and fractured his spine and had to wear a body brace for 8 weeks and undergo physical therapy. He’s begun anti seizure meds, had an MRI that discovered another problem and we’ll be working on that into the new year.

This year, he also began college, has taken two courses and managed to pass them both, and will be taking two more next semester, and has concurrently been working on building his youtube brand, Stuttering Mania, which includes gaming videos, vlogs about subjects he finds interesting, as well as experimental original films independently written, filmed and performed; composing and producing original electronic music; and writing a superhero novel, which I promise is going to be really, really good (I’m lucky enough to get advance glimpses as well as long talks with the author about his characters).

And if that isn’t enough to keep a normal guy plenty busy, he also serves at St. Vincent de Paul every week (and any other time he is needed), babysits for his littlest siblings all the time, helps me with basically anything I need around the house and especially with grocery shopping, which is a very large chore at this stage of our family life.

You see what I mean by Invincible? Jacob is a huge-hearted, multi-talented, rock of a human being, blessed with super powers unnumbered. His greatest gift is the love he pours out in service to others, and I’m unendingly thankful that I get to watch all the ways he is growing and employing his powers for good.

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