Natalie at Twelve

Our beloved Natalie arrived at the audacious age of Twelve this year, two days after Thanksgiving. My camera was not working too well, but I managed a few hazy pics of the party. In addition, some great shots from our trip to the ranch a month earlier.

Natalie is larger than life, a character that loves the limelight: She is loud, rambunctious, affectionate, volatile, and loving. She loves Mary and all things blue. She serves with joy every Tuesday at the pantry with her dad, she helps her younger siblings (well, she yells at them a lot, too), is a passionate defender of justice, and is growing into another exceptional helper to her mama. With two more of my three older daughters moving out this year, it’s been outstanding to see Natalie stepping into their shoes just a little bit. I’m so thankful to be her mom, and so excited to see her growing up!

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