Signed and Sealed

August brought the most eagerly awaited event of the past 3 years. On the 18th of the month, the Church welcomed Natalie Gianna Cecilia, Xavier Ninian Gregory, and Jordan Benedict William as children of God through the waters of Baptism. We were so very blessed to have Father Ramirez presiding, administering Confirmation and first Holy Communion as well. My deepest joy, however, was to see Laurent, Megan and Jacob again stepping up as Godparents – knowing the spiritual responsibility entailed in providing ongoing support and guidance to their younger siblings, they have taken on this role with great love. How beautiful it is to see God’s faithfulness in action!

After the mass, we once again retired to our St. Vincent de Paul food pantry, where the Vincentians, Father Ramirez, and Father Lankeit, helped us celebrate the joyous day.

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