June, come and gone!

And that’s the first month of summer done, without so much as a please or thank you!

We didn’t do anything too remarkable – no big ranch trips or sight seeing. We tried to hit the summer studies with some regularity (with plenty of push-back, and therefore, mixed success), but mostly June was a chance to really settle into the experience of life without constant interruptions: absolutely no licensing or DCS visits, no hearings, no court ordered counseling appointments; just being together as a family. What exquisite luxury! I’m still pinching myself.

Here’s what it looked like on Instagram:


The big event of the month was Alyssa’s birthday – #6 for our sweetie-pie! Her big present this year was an art kit with an easel, plus acrylic, watercolor, and oil paints. She’s really taken off artistically and I’m thrilled to give her better tools with which to explore her creativity.

Here’s the rest of my small collection of June photos – including

  • the children having an impromptu painting party with Megan on her bedroom floor
  • the birthday
  • a family dinner
  • kids greeting daddy as he arrived home
  • a typical game of Hop on Pop
  • and some great shots of the boys having a water fight in the front yard.


Stay tuned for July – we’ll be starting things off with a bang (hahaha!) by going up to the ranch for the holiday weekend. Can’t wait to show you the fun!

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