Birthdays Galore

March is a month overflowing with birthdays to celebrate. Paul, Grandpa, Elyany and Jon all have March birthdays, and while we always have a big March Birthday bash at the Grands, we also had to have a celebration just for Ellie. 

We scheduled it for a Sunday after church and had a grand time with balloons – the one thing Ellie had requested for her birthday! I bought so many, I will have plenty for the next 5-6 parties! We picked a Minnie Mouse theme and she loved it. We have a houseful of Mickey and Minnie fans!




It was a little difficult finding a time when at least most of us could gather in Sun Lakes, but we did the best we could. Four of the East Valley contingent were working, including Jon, but as I say, the rest of us managed to have a good time together. The children had a blast playing with bubbles in the back yard – it was so windy, all they had to do was stand still and the wind did the rest!

There was a cake for each of the special birthdays, so of course we sang thrice. And throughout the day, I was able to stay on my new diet plan, which was near-miraculous considering how hard that is during celebrations. It gives me hope for the future, for sure! (But more on that in another post).


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