The Biggest News Ever

Despite having made a trip up north just two weeks earlier so Paul could attend to some ranch association business, we had long planned to take the kids up the first weekend in December. We knew that we were going to have some very big news to share with them, and we knew that there was no better place for those revelations to take place.

Laurent was able to take Friday off and help me pack everything up so we could collect the kids from all their schools, drive over to the east valley to pick up Daddy from work, and hit the road. Everything went a smooth as silk, and we had a perfect drive, arriving late and unloading into a cold cabin in need of the warmth provided by a crackling fire that was soon lit in our wood stove.

Saturday morning arrived, and before we headed in to town for breakfast, we sat down with the kids and prayed. Then we explained that the court had decided they would not be going back to their parents, and that we would be adopting them. We all cried. Paul took the older kids on a walk and answered many questions that we had not been permitted to discuss with them before. By the time they got back from their walk and we headed into town, they had mostly adjusted and were already eagerly anticipating adoption day and becoming Heidmanns. Their immediate acceptance in response to this life changing news was both astounding and humbling. We absolutely felt graced by the prayers of those whom we had asked in advance to intercede for us!

The rest of the weekend was devoted to letting the children run wild all over the ranch, playing with a culvert down in the valley, playing in the mud canyon, and in their many tree forts around the property. Their enthusiasm soared as they realized – being Heidmanns meant this place would belong to them! I followed them around and captured some portraits that made me happy – and some group shots that were nothing but hilarious, which is basically the status quo with our family. 

Moving forward, we are anxiously awaiting word of our adoption date. Yesterday they asked, “When we get adopted, are we going to have a big party?” Dad paused, then replied with emphasis, “Yes. Yes, we are. A BIG one.”



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  1. Pauline Holston January 7, 2018 at 12:37 pm #

    This is exciting for everyone here!

  2. Sandra Decker January 7, 2018 at 3:52 pm #

    I am so happy this cat is out of the bag and thst although these kids will not be with their biological parents the brothers and sisters will get to stay together in a wonderful fsmily they already know and love and they will have a big extended fsmily supporting them and be brought up in the church.

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