How to Defeat Homosexual Marriage

How to Defeat Homosexual Marriage

Recently, the Supreme Court tragically ruled that homosexual marriage must be recognized across the United States. Many were left feeling hopeless in the wake of this shocking malfeasance. The ability of our federal judiciary to discern justice from injustice has already been significantly eroded, and this decision will surely further corrupt our third branch of government. Alas, the Supreme Court has spoken, and has bound every other court in the land to enforce a fiction.

We are tempted to despair. How can we change a Supreme Court ruling? And yet, imagining that this ruling will be the final word until Christ returns would be giving the Supreme Court way too much credit. I believe that we will win this fight, here in America. This is how I believe we will do that:

How Did We Get Here?

I have written before (here) about homosexual marriage and how it came to be accepted today, so I will only summarize. Divorce, out of wedlock birth, premarital sex, and adultery are great arguments for homosexual marriage. All of these actions reflect a love “turned inward” (see linked article, above), and all of these actions cheapen the idea and very definition of marriage in the minds of the populace. After so many years of the idea of marriage being thus degraded, Obergefell was not a far leap.

We need to clearly understand these things, because winning this battle will be accomplished simply by doing the opposite.

The Battle

This is going to be a long, hard battle. It will require all of our strength, and much mercy and grace from the author of love. The most important thing to remember will be that love is our most potent weapon. Indeed, it is the only path to victory. The first thing this means is that we must treat not only those trapped in a homosexual lifestyle, but also those who disagree with us, with not only respect, but love. We must go out of our way to demonstrate (not with words) that we care. It must be said that we must not permit ourselves to become harpies, scolding those around us. We are well past the point for these tactics.

If divorce, out of wedlock births, premarital sex, and adultery are great arguments for homosexual marriage, then intact marriages and chastity are great arguments against it. Here is where we must shine. Those of you who are in intact marriages, or are committed to remain chaste, front and center. You are needed. You need to show those around you the beauty of what you have. You will not need many words, because your marriage or your chastity will speak for itself. Those who conceive of marriage in a disordered way (be they homosexual or not) will see what you have, and they will see what they do not have. Eventually (and by God’s grace), hearts will be changed.

Here’s what you need to do: Let your light shine. Find, and befriend people who have been deceived by disordered ideas about love and marriage (if you are not sure where to find these people, then start looking for a new church). Invite them to a meal. Listen to them. Share their pain, and cry with them. Be a friend. Pray with them. In every possible way, let them share the joy of your marriage. Let them be part of your family, so that they don’t, out of loneliness, attempt to create or cling to a disordered family of their own.


Hearts will be changed, one at a time. We know this because true love, as expressed in intact marriages and chastity, is much stronger than broken hearts and broken minds. It can and will heal, strengthen, and convince (in that order) those who are hurting, broken, and lost. Eventually, we as a society will regain a solid understanding of marriage. And the laws? Those are secondary, but they will change too, even if it takes the fall of the government of the United States of America (I fear we may not have long to wait).

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