Sunday Story

A True Story

I have often been blessed to be able to bring lots of kids (other than my biological ones) to Church with me. A while back, I brought six, plus an older brother, who is now an adult. We sat near the front of the Church, and that turned out to be a very good thing. When I went up for communion, I received on the tongue, as I always do. I’m glad I do this, because had I received in the hand, the following conversation would have never happened.

After Church, the older brother asked me a question. That question, and the conversation that followed, went something like this:

Older Brother (OB): Why did you let that guy put that communion thing on your tongue?
Me: Two reasons, first, it is a more vulnerable position, so it shows that I am vulnerable before God. Second, because it is a submissive position, and so it shows that I am submissive to God.
OB: On the streets, if someone puts his hand near your face, even if it is to light your cigarette, he is saying that he is above you, that he is better than you.
Me: Exactly.
OB: But why was that guy (note: “that guy” was the EMC) better than you?
Me: Not that guy, Jesus. Jesus was getting put on my tongue.
OB: Oh. So it wasn’t that guy that was saying he was better than you, it was Jesus.
Me: Exactly.
OB: Cool. Everything in Church means something.
Me: Exactly.
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