Back to School

If you spend any time on Instagram or Facebook, doubtless you have been flooded with hundreds of back-to-school posts-n-pics from friends who are proud parents of children pre-school aged and up. It’s an interesting phenomenon because not very long ago at all, it wasn’t even a thing. This need to take first-day-back-to-school pictures has exploded in direct proportion to the social media platforms available for sharing such momentous events. And it doesn’t matter whether you home school or trad school, everybody is getting in on the fun! ūüôā

I have almost never jumped on this particular bandwagon – and it’s primarily because we school year round, so there really isn’t ever a “first day” to commemorate. The one exception I have tried to make has been when my kids start College, because you know what? The first day of going to college after being home-schooled for your whole life is actually quite the big stinkin’ deal – both for the student, and for the mom!

For¬†any¬†mom who has chosen home schooling as her career path, it is extremely gratifying to have completed that mission and be able to send her child on to the next phase of their educational and life journey, be it community college, a new job, perhaps¬†the military, or even, as at least one set of parents I know are doing, supporting their child in ¬†fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional musician¬†(seriously guys, check out Josh’s videos – tons of great songs,¬†originals¬†and covers, with his talented dad Glen on guitar! This kid is going places…).

What I’m trying to say is – yes, every parent is proud of their children’s milestones, and deservedly so;¬†but I speak from my own perspective as one who has labored in fear and trembling for almost two decades as the primary educator to¬†prepare my children to step out into the world, hoping I was doing more right than wrong. The privilege of seeing even one of my kids off to college would be¬†a wonderful affirmation, and last week, I was delighted to officially kick my third little chick out of the home-school nest and watch her spread her wings as she begins her Music Business degree.


Geneva Melody, ready to rock her first day of college.



With her buddy, fellow Freshman Faith, and big sis Megan, overjoyed by the first day of school picture ceremony.



One more for the record books, this time sporting her most sarcastically angelic smile. Lol. She keeps me laughing! ūüôā


And just in case that wasn’t enough “back to school” fun for one week, on Wednesday, Paul and I headed downtown to the diocesan center for our first class of the two year catechetical¬†program at the Kino Institute. I was excited, but of course, slightly nervous, since I sometimes have had trouble with classroom anxiety, and it doesn’t help that I haven’t been “back to¬†school” in 25 years or so. What does help is having¬†my honey by my side. He’s my steady rock, my fortress of calmitude. ¬†And after the first night, I am certain I am going to LOVE the classes!


Me and my sweetie, ready to go on our introductory night at the Kino Institute!

Fair warning, it’s entirely possible that I may be a blogging slacker as I adjust to the realities of homework… but I’m going to try valiantly to keep up with what’s going on around Heidmann West — and maybe even blog about my homework once in a while (because I know how much you all want to hear about the CCC!) ūüėČ


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