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Easter 2019

In many ways I feel like I missed the Easter season this year, because I missed the observance of the Paschal Triduum: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Paul was able to take most […]

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Thank you, Lord, for hard days.

Every night (with rare exception) since before we were married, my husband and I have prayed together. It’s a commitment we made early on when we were dating that I believe has contributed profoundly to […]

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I have to share with you how delighted I am with my new rosary. For several years I have been pondering and waiting for the right time (ie. when I had enough money) to purchase […]

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Signed and Sealed

August brought the most eagerly awaited event of the past 3 years. On the 18th of the month, the Church welcomed Natalie Gianna Cecilia, Xavier Ninian Gregory, and Jordan Benedict William as children of God […]

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2018 Christmas

Ah, Christmas! No matter how scattered and ill prepared I am due to dealing with one sick child after another after another, we still manage to have a beautiful and memorable time together. Slowly but […]

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End of Year Review

Or, Getting My Blogging Mojo Back on Track for the New Year Baptism Day! So thankful for the graces of this day: for my husband’s love, patience and faithfulness,for the blessing of having my mother […]

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Christmas Vacation

Our two weeks off of school was plagued with a lot of sickness this year, as it came in waves and hit just about everyone, and me last of all. Due to the unusual placement […]

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A Light in Dark Places

Few understand the heavy burden carried by foster children. The greatest majority of them have been raised, from birth, in a home that is far from ideal. They love their parents, with all of the […]

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