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Savage Must-Watch Review of Fortnite

As I sometimes do, last night I was driving around with Jacob talking about various things. Usually, and to my everlasting delight, it’s more like driving around listening to a very entertaining lecture on whatever […]

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Family Time

A little update at the end of a full Sunday, and the beginning of another week. I am so, so happy to be able to report that I am finally beginning to feel better. I’m […]

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Still Life: Peppers and Onions

I was blessed with some pretty produce today, and took some photos before I chopped them up. Grateful for this simple goodness.

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January Doldrums, and Feeling the Creative Urge

Ugh. I’m struggling this month to keep my “hopes and dreams alive!” Nah, it’s not that bad, but the Christmas bug hit me just after the new year, and I’ve been fighting a losing battle […]

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Last Chance

This whole Christmas holiday break we have been just a bundle of snot and fever and coughing and moaning, and have barely left the house for much of any reason – but today was the […]

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Jacob The Invincible!

I struggled in choosing the right word for the title of this post. Jacob is a wordsmith and one wants to get it right with him, but he’s also exceedingly loquacious and likely a distant […]

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Natalie at Twelve

Our beloved Natalie arrived at the audacious age of Twelve this year, two days after Thanksgiving. My camera was not working too well, but I managed a few hazy pics of the party. In addition, […]

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November Holiday Walkabout

We’re big on traditions in our family, and one we love is to go on a walking adventure the day after Thanksgiving. This year we took the train down to Tempe, doodled around for a […]

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