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A collaborative Heidmann family-blog with posts by both Nettie and Paul.


Finally Five!!

Elyany Lucy Therese:Precocious. Clever. Cheeky. Creative. Artful. Affectionate. Sensitive. Slight.Five. For our March family birthday bash, we got to party at Heidmann East out in Apache Junction at Jon’s place. It is grand to let […]

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Yesterday was Paul’s 52nd birthday! Having a birthday fall on Sunday means all sorts of good things. For Paul, it meant going to mass with his family, and getting to stay in mass the whole […]

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I have to share with you how delighted I am with my new rosary. For several years I have been pondering and waiting for the right time (ie. when I had enough money) to purchase […]

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Meeting Ellie

Sunday afternoon, after years and years of Grandma’s tales about her best friend Ellie, we finally had a chance to meet in the flesh! Ellie and her daughter, Karin (who happens to also have been […]

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Into the Wild

All these hooligans were home from school on Presidents day. This meant that daddy, who was working from home, had a choice. He could either mount the monumental effort required to concentrate on his code […]

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Books in my Cart

Recommendations can be a wonderful thing. When a friend links to a book on social media, 9/10 times I will click that link and read more about it. And 9/10 times, that link will link […]

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February Birthday Shenanigans

It’s a good thing there are other ladies in the family who are good at planning because if birthday parties were left up to me, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome. This year Jessica and […]

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Savage Must-Watch Review of Fortnite

As I sometimes do, last night I was driving around with Jacob talking about various things. Usually, and to my everlasting delight, it’s more like driving around listening to a very entertaining lecture on whatever […]

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