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Calamity, Company, Cuteness and Conviviality: Catching up on February

I fell behind in blogging quite early in February, but there was a pretty significant reason I got derailed. Those of you who know me on Facebook are already up to speed, but obviously this […]

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Tonic To My Soul

Today marked the end of another amazingly wonderful week with Vicki. We’ve known each other 37 years! Her visits every spring are a tonic to my soul. So how did we spend our precious 7 […]

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Tuff Shed (aka: The Little Red Barn)

Over the course of a couple of weekends in February, we achieved a long-desired goal. We pulled down the old, dilapidated metal shed in our back yard one weekend, and, with a little extra funding […]

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Jets-Bombers – 2018

At Ss. Simon and Jude there is a longstanding rivalry that fosters school spirit. There are two Kindergarten classrooms, and when you enroll your child, he or she becomes either a Jet (Red) or a […]

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Construction and Destruction

Over the weekend there was a whole lot of tearing down and building up at our house. On the inside: I’ve been working on rebuilding our family library after clearing out our many silver shelves […]

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Christmas Vacation

Our two weeks off of school was plagued with a lot of sickness this year, as it came in waves and hit just about everyone, and me last of all. Due to the unusual placement […]

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The Biggest News Ever

Despite having made a trip up north just two weeks earlier so Paul could attend to some ranch association business, we had long planned to take the kids up the first weekend in December. We […]

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Thanks-birthday 2017

Our November celebrations this year were relatively quiet. Grandma and Grandpa Heidmann joined us for Thanksgiving day, and it was a playful time with giant celery sticks, great vats of potatoes, Big Bear cuddles and […]

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