A collaborative Heidmann family-blog with posts by both Nettie and Paul.

A Hard Goodbye

This post has been delayed for a while. I have had to do lots of difficult processing. One week ago today, our precious foster boys were transferred by the court…

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Desert Date

On Sunday afternoon, our daughter Megan gifted Paul and me with an afternoon to ourselves while she babysat her siblings. It was a wonderful blessing to have some extended time…

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Baking Bread

It's been an embarrassingly long time since I made bread, and I decided one of the first things we would do on Christmas break was to break out the Hobart…

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Catching up here on some of the activities in December - what a crazy end to a crazy year. So much was happening in the world, while at home we…

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A Double Blessing

Back in the month of May, in the year 2018, when we adopted six beautiful siblings, we closed our foster license with Catholic Charities because, as we rightly said, "We're…

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