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Last Chance

This whole Christmas holiday break we have been just a bundle of snot and fever and coughing and moaning, and have barely left the house for much of any reason – but today was the […]

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Jacob The Invincible!

I struggled in choosing the right word for the title of this post. Jacob is a wordsmith and one wants to get it right with him, but he’s also exceedingly loquacious and likely a distant […]

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Natalie at Twelve

Our beloved Natalie arrived at the audacious age of Twelve this year, two days after Thanksgiving. My camera was not working too well, but I managed a few hazy pics of the party. In addition, […]

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November Holiday Walkabout

We’re big on traditions in our family, and one we love is to go on a walking adventure the day after Thanksgiving. This year we took the train down to Tempe, doodled around for a […]

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October 2018 at the Ranch

A fall break trip to the ranch where nobody got sick? Unbelievable! Yes, we had a great time, played in the mud canyon, went up to the mountains and filled our eyes with fall colors, […]

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October Delights

First, a few miscellaneous pics I took between September and October: Next, some pics from a picnic with Grandma. Even though it was October, it was still plenty hot. But we found a shady spot […]

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September was the month for X-man to turn Eleven! Xavier dislikes the camera; as is not uncommon for autistics, he doesn’t really know what to do with his face. But he consented to allow me […]

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Late summer, while temperatures were still sizzling hot, and after the kids were back in school, was a perfect time to enjoy the splash pool Ruben got for his birthday.

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