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Sun Lakes

A lot of years we have done a photo walk with the family on or the day after New Year's Day. This year the holiday fell on Sunday, which doesn't…

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Another New Year's Day brings with it another birthday for my firstborn. This is the twenty-second birthday we are celebrating together, and I know almost certainly that it will be…

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Christmas 2016

Our traditional Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations were enlivened by our eleven elves, awakened early Saturday morning to open their stockings (and eat their favorite treat - Ramen noodles…

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Cousin Time

Why does it seem like it always takes so long to align our schedules to visit with family? If you're too busy for family, you're too busy. That's my theory.…

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Giving Thanks

Our family time this year was altered slightly by a mis-hap and a misunderstanding. Earlier this week, Grandma Pat took a tumble off her bike and cracked a rib, and…

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