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A Perfect Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon was one of the most perfect weather days ever, a complete outlier for the month of May in Arizona, when the temperature barely hit 70 for a high. It was windy, cloudy, and […]

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New Traditions

It’s difficult to find time during the actual Easter celebration for two families heavily involved in their respective church’s music ministries to gather for a celebration. On our end of the valley there were six […]

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True Confession: Sometimes I obsess. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember – my brain gets stuck on something and nothing will unstick it except time and immersion. It could be some […]

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Five weeks ago my li’l boy flew away for an extended vacay with my brother, Doug, and his family in Minnesota. Geneva spent the first week there with him during her spring break. It’s been […]

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I have so many photos like this one, and I treasure every one of them, especially as we pause to celebrate our 24th anniversary. Each photo is a precious reminder of what a gift my […]

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Easter 2017

Easter Sunday morning we put on our shiny clothes and went to mass early so we could stake a claim on the 3/4 pew we need for our family. It was wonderful to see a […]

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It’s Back!

Thanks to our tax refund, we are once again able to send forth the hoards of energetic youths into the great outdoors and let them bounce themselves silly OUTside, rather than on my couches. This, […]

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And a great sigh of relief was heard throughout the land

The last few months have been extremely challenging for me as the head chauffeur around our house. Losing our minivan added not only all of Geneva’s college class schedule to my driving load, but all […]

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