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February Birthday Shenanigans

It’s a good thing there are other ladies in the family who are good at planning because if birthday parties were left up to me, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome. This year Jessica and […]

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Jacob The Invincible!

I struggled in choosing the right word for the title of this post. Jacob is a wordsmith and one wants to get it right with him, but he’s also exceedingly loquacious and likely a distant […]

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Natalie at Twelve

Our beloved Natalie arrived at the audacious age of Twelve this year, two days after Thanksgiving. My camera was not working too well, but I managed a few hazy pics of the party. In addition, […]

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September was the month for X-man to turn Eleven! Xavier dislikes the camera; as is not uncommon for autistics, he doesn’t really know what to do with his face. But he consented to allow me […]

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July Pics

Catching up with pics for the year, I need to go back to July, when I inexplicably stopped attending to the blog. July contained two special birthdays: Ruben, who celebrated birthday number 2, and Jordan, […]

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2018 Christmas

Ah, Christmas! No matter how scattered and ill prepared I am due to dealing with one sick child after another after another, we still manage to have a beautiful and memorable time together. Slowly but […]

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End of Year Review

Or, Getting My Blogging Mojo Back on Track for the New Year Baptism Day! So thankful for the graces of this day: for my husband’s love, patience and faithfulness,for the blessing of having my mother […]

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June, come and gone!

And that’s the first month of summer done, without so much as a please or thank you! We didn’t do anything too remarkable – no big ranch trips or sight seeing. We tried to hit […]

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