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Freestone Park, 01/01/20

In keeping with our New Year’s Day tradition, and in light of my new camera, we took the family on a little walkabout on Wednesday afternoon to Freestone Park over on the east side. We’d […]

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Christmas Riddles

As every Christmas approaches, I am once again driven mad by my husband’s requirement that I stay within the budget for family gift giving, all the while going to extravagant lengths to buy something special […]

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Mt. Lemmon

We’ve never in all our 22 years in Arizona explored much south of Phoenix beyond Casa Grande, so it was with great anticipation that we set out for a brand new destination: Mt. Lemmon, located just to the north and east of Tuscon.

I was completely unprepared to find mountains tall enough to have a ski area and pine trees so far to the south! What a delight it was to see so many beautiful new sights throughout the day.

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After a Spring-break week of mostly-stellar behavior from the kids, who cleaned every day, played outside, barely fought, and got to watch tons of Marvel movies too, I wanted to top it off with some […]

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Yesterday was Paul’s 52nd birthday! Having a birthday fall on Sunday means all sorts of good things. For Paul, it meant going to mass with his family, and getting to stay in mass the whole […]

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Meeting Ellie

Sunday afternoon, after years and years of Grandma’s tales about her best friend Ellie, we finally had a chance to meet in the flesh! Ellie and her daughter, Karin (who happens to also have been […]

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Into the Wild

All these hooligans were home from school on Presidents day. This meant that daddy, who was working from home, had a choice. He could either mount the monumental effort required to concentrate on his code […]

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Last Chance

This whole Christmas holiday break we have been just a bundle of snot and fever and coughing and moaning, and have barely left the house for much of any reason – but today was the […]

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