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I have to share with you how delighted I am with my new rosary. For several years I have been pondering and waiting for the right time (ie. when I had enough money) to purchase […]

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The Perfect VOD

Often when I hop onto Bible Gateway, they have a “verse of the day” that just … isn’t what I’m looking for.  And that’s ok, it’s meant for someone else that day. But today, after […]

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3 Things to Know About The Sign of the Cross

This is quick, but so good! If you have always thought the sign of the cross was just that weird thing Catholics do, here are some things about it that might surprise you. When I first became […]

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My pastor, Fr. John Lankeit, posted an article today on Facebook, entitled #17: How the Devil Detests Silence and Fills our World with Noise. I don’t know about anyone else, but it definitely hit home for me, […]

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or: Things Junior Likes Today he first came running with the Holy Water; he has always loved to be blessed with Holy Water, usually at bedtime, but pretty much any time of day.  I believe […]

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