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Back to School

If you spend any time on Instagram or Facebook, doubtless you have been flooded with hundreds of back-to-school posts-n-pics from friends who are proud parents of children pre-school aged and up. It’s an interesting phenomenon […]

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Registration and Consternation

A little bit about my adventures today. Today was the day I planned to take Geneva over to GCC and complete her registration for the fall semester. Having done this before I felt more than adequately […]

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Random Art, Forgetfulness, Overnights, and Speechifying

You know how, as a parent, you have a kind of sixth sense for when your offspring are “up to something?” Well, I can tell you that I know for a fact that a lot […]

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GCC, Class of 2013

On Friday, we celebrated a first for the Heidmann Family — the Glendale Community College Commencement Ceremony of 2013, wherein Laurent was granted her Associate’s Degree, with Honors. We had not been to the venue […]

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Seussical – Opening Night!

Yesterday began what will surely be a crazed and frenetic weekend to remember. It began with school, as all days inevitably must. Around 10:30 I had to leave to take Laurent to her final final […]

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A High School Grad!

This past week has been full of driving and laundry and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really absorb (let alone blog) the events of Monday afternoon. It seems like this graduation […]

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An Associate in the Family!

When Laurent came home from class on Friday, she was o’er-bubbling with joy, for in her little hands she carried her graduation kit, which included invitations, cap, gown, and Phi Theta Kappa stole.  Although she […]

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