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Signed and Sealed

August brought the most eagerly awaited event of the past 3 years. On the 18th of the month, the Church welcomed Natalie Gianna Cecilia, Xavier Ninian Gregory, and Jordan Benedict William as children of God […]

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End of Year Review

Or, Getting My Blogging Mojo Back on Track for the New Year Baptism Day! So thankful for the graces of this day: for my husband’s love, patience and faithfulness,for the blessing of having my mother […]

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A Light in Dark Places

Few understand the heavy burden carried by foster children. The greatest majority of them have been raised, from birth, in a home that is far from ideal. They love their parents, with all of the […]

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Water is Thicker Than Blood

In my experience, families are messy. There are fights, sacrifices, insults, kindnesses, and estrangements. Family can be a great asset in leading its own to Christ, and it can be a great barrier. No family […]

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Twice Adopted

In what was for me, the culmination of four years of waiting on the Lord, on Saturday, November 14, 2015, Efrain Rafael Athanasius Heidmann was finally baptized and became a member of the Body of […]

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Easter Vigil 2015

I have been looking forward to this Easter Vigil for the last year, because I knew two very special people who were coming through RCIA and into the church this year. Here’s the note Paul wrote on […]

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A Multiplicity of Celebrations

This past weekend was busy in some unusual ways.  For Paul it was, perhaps, busiest of all, as he had to take a flying trip up to the ranch after work on Thursday for a […]

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Easter Vigil 2014

There is nothing more wondrous and beautiful than to see new life!  Last night, in what was a culmination of many years of labor, love, and prayer, our precious five young people were among the […]

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